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Isabel Marant's Personal Style Advice

Isabel Marant Does Not Believe in Fashion Essentials

Despite being in the midst of prepping for her just-days-away Spring 2013 show, Isabel Marant took time out to host an intimate early morning press event in honor of her latest endeavor: a 2,500-square-foot store in the heart of Paris's 16th arrondissement.

Talking jovially with reporters, Marant looked right at home in the airy, multilevel space, and clad in slim grey jeans, a leather jacket, and high-heeled embroidered booties — all from her line — she was the very picture of Parisian cool. She was so incredibly cool, in fact, that it was not at all hard to understand how Marant's particular breed of chic has yielded such an enormous fan base or flagships in eight countries with more on the way. But when it comes to dishing out aesthetic advice or recommending specific wardrobe pieces, the designer is adamant that the only way to cultivate a rich sense of style is to be true to yourself.

"I won't say, 'You must have a miniskirt.' If you don't have nice legs, it won't work out. It's not a question of must haves: it's more about finding yourself. Who you are, what fits you, what you feel confident in — it's more about feeling confident than having whatever look."

Fashion tips aside, there is one thing the designer is happy to recommend: music. "The Lou Doillon album is really great. I think it was quite hard for her to issue it because she comes from such a notable family, but she really succeeds." And what is Marant's preferred way to listen? "Alone. I prefer to hear music when it's really loud, and when I need to speak with people, it becomes too distracting. When I'm alone, I listen to a lot of rock because I love the energy of it; it gives me the attitude I want to have for my girls."

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