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Janiesse High-Waisted Foxy Jeans: Love It or Hate It?

High-waisted jeans have been around for a while now and I was even brave enough to don a pair! So it's safe to assume that I like these Janiesse Foxy Jeans, $215, that Jessica Alba owns. Yes, they are super-duper high and probably really uncomfortable, but on the right person, they can look absolutely smashing. Do you agree?

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Maria3465779 Maria3465779 4 years
High waisted jeans look great on everyone. They make legs look long, and they make your waist look teeny, and they make your hips look curvy. Who wouldn't want that. Besides, isn't everyone tired of wearing low waoited pants? they have been around far too long, and I for one do not think yanking up your pants every ten minutes is sexy.
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
very cute - very foxy!
mollipop mollipop 10 years
Unless someone had an exceptionally long torso and perfectly toned, flat abs, I don't see how these pants could work. Even if they had both those traits, I'm not so sure this would be a good look.
laura77 laura77 10 years
They make every woman look bloated and bring attention to the hips which some people SHOULD not bring attention to.
Pepa Pepa 10 years
High-wasted pants without pockets? This is really bad. It is so unflattering.
Vampyre Vampyre 10 years
I think those pants would make anybody's butt look ginormous. Anybody, including Kate Moss.
ohbaby7 ohbaby7 10 years
i really, really hate these!
ElsaBeK ElsaBeK 10 years
I don't care who you are..these don't look good!!
xMiss-Worldx xMiss-Worldx 10 years
I can't imagine them flattering any shape.. look werid to me. saw them at the mall a few days ago and they were just eww-ish!
BonjourChaton BonjourChaton 10 years
Ugh I HATE those, they are horrible! I would NEVER wear these!
bleu-skittle bleu-skittle 10 years
Okay. Skinny Jeans I can do, heck I can even wear them but these? Uh...I don't really know that they flatter ANYONE.
littlemissvixen littlemissvixen 10 years
I hate hate hate this trend. Please go away!
blackjade blackjade 10 years
um, bad idea. How do you even sit down in pants like these?
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 10 years
High waisted is the grossest trend. I don't like it on anyone.
jdepp_84 jdepp_84 10 years
I think they are cute. But my body would def not look cute.
Lianna Lianna 10 years
Wow seriously? I LOVE these, my friends let me borrow her really high waisted jeans that are actually from the 70's and I foud them so flattering (I'm average size) but un-fortunatley she wouldn't let me buy them off her. Can't wait 'till more stores carry these!
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
OMG, I had to overt my eyes. Yuck-a-roo!
imahoopie imahoopie 10 years
I have a pair of semi-high-waisted wide legged jeans by Miss Sixty and they are cut way cuter than these are. The denim is very thin so they fall quite nicely. I found them last year in a thrift store in Chicago and they are worth the $20 I paid. But these, well, the cut is just weird!
agrepina agrepina 10 years
RockRoyalty RockRoyalty 10 years
I'm not sure if they'd look good on me (I've never tried them) but it's not something I'd buy. No way.
krampalicious krampalicious 10 years
good god, those are wretched.
shini shini 10 years
those were IN fashion for lie a month or two and went out really quickly....there was a reason they were out of fashion in the first place, it just makes your bum look more huge...
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
These are for certain "shaped" women and that shape is not mine, so no, I don't like these.
Princess-Rebecca Princess-Rebecca 10 years
Those should be burned! It doesn do a great job for my bump but it's not worth it!
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 10 years
Gaby and Clutch are right, these would look hideous on about 98% of the population (sorry Bella, I'm sure you're in the other 2% ;)), I mean for Christ's sake the ass even looks huge in the picture and they're not even on anyone. If they can make an invisible persons ass look that bad just imagine what they could do to mine. Ugh... I'm shuddering at the thought. I just can't forget that pic of Mischa Barton wearing them where they gave her "old man crotch". Nope, this one's gotta go. Just say no people, let's nip this in the bud!
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