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Japan Fashion Week Fall 2008 Day Four

Day Four: Japan Fashion Week Recap

The beautiful thing about being in New York during Japan Fashion Week is the time difference. During New York Fashion Week, we're riding the train deep into the bowels of Brooklyn, passing tapes to our editor, telling him that if we don't get those videos up within the hour, we'll have missed our chance. During Tokyo on the other hand, suddenly, in our gmail come the next batch of shows. We check our watches, remember the time difference (again), think to ourselves, if only we could train ourselves to be twelve hours ahead of schedule, or, if only we could train ourselves to be twelve hours behind schedule. And then we sit and really get meta about how this would work and which is better; we drink too much coffee. You know, hey, anyway, day four. Recapping it for you. Consider yourself earning cool points by the second.

Ele Tra: The designer, Ritsuko Kato, gained design experience working for Kate Spade and Old England. This is the first solo collection for Ritsuko Kato, who claims to be aiming for the luxury market. We see these things in Fall 08. We see the luxury (fur), we see the Kate Spade (ear muffs and printed skirts), we also see, ahem, a teddy bear in the arms of a model. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Tiny Dinosaur: Yes, the name is sheer brilliance. Yes, we want to live in a world where major companies name themselves adjective+'dinosaur'. The Fall 08 collection was also quite good. It was balanced in the sense that where the volume was outrageous, the palette was not, where the print or color was loud, the shape was a little more modest. A collection we're sure Opening Ceremony would love. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Garconshinois:For Fall 08 they're bringing forth the men's cape, enough said. Okay, also the designer, Shin, worked exclusively as a hair and makeup artist until launching the label in 2006. The aesthetic of his collection is quite urban and reflects his experience in the fashion industry from a, ahem, style perspective. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Yukiko Hanai: Yukiko Hanai established Atelier Hanai in 1964. The company now covers a broad range of lifestyle notions, including womenswear. This Fall 08 season revealed a collection to rival the wardrobe for Dynasty. Bright separates, voluminous sleeves, and broad shoulders made for an aesthetic that embodies the 'working woman' circa 1984. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Junya Tashiro:Launched in 2004, this brand veers towards natrual fabrics such as linen in earthy tones. Fall 08 called out the earth mother in all of us with 1990's knit lace details in ivories and plums. Our favorite look from the collection, part of the opening act, was a trim tailored suit worn with a top hat. If you're going to go for that LCD hippie freak out thing, you might as well be the circus leader. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Takumi Hatakeyama: You can find Takumi Hatakeyama's designs at New York's Coterie, a sure sign that if you don't already know the brand you will, at some point, come across it. Our favorite look in the Fall 08 collection was a raspberry tule skirt and sweater combination that, with short black leather gloves, would make one killer outfit. Click to see images from the Fall 08 collection.

Royal Chie: Chie Imai began her career by designing for a line called Royal Fur in 1978. In the decades that passed the designer took over another fur company and relaunched the label as Royal Chie some years later. In 2002, she was recognized as one of the top 40 entrepreneurial women in the world, and in 2007 she opened a Royal Chie store on Madison Avenue. This Fall 08, a convenient time to show fur, revealed bomber style minks and dyed furs that will surely impress the new market of under-40's who are becoming increasingly interested in wearing fur. Lucky for us, there's a New York shop to indulge in. Click here to see images of the Fall 08 collection.

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