"For me the best thing is knowing that someone really has your back," says Jenna Lyons in an interview for the March issue of V Magazine. Also in the issue is the result of Lyons's first public photo shoot with her partner, Courtney Crangi, a black and white portrait of the duo shot by Willy Vanderperre. In it, both women wear white shirts (Lyons's is from J.Crew, naturally, while Crangi's is from Rag & Bone) and both rave about each other.

"Like no matter what happens she has my best interests at heart," Lyons says of Crangi. "I think there are a few moments in life where that actually happens, and that feels, like, completely true and real."

Crangi repays the compliment, saying, "I think the most amazing thing about Jenna, although there are many amazing things about her, is really her grace under pressure. She's just incredibly gracious at all times."


Lyons has certainly borne the increasing attention to her personal and professional life with grace. Just last month, she opened up about her work and her relationship with Crangi to The New York Times. But what better way is there to announce one's love to the world than a photo in a well-known magazine?

Photo via V Magazine.