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John Galliano Files Defamation Suit Against Accusers, Ordered To Meet with One Accuser Monday Afternoon

>> After an altercation Thursday night that caused Dior to suspend John Galliano, the designer visited Paris police on Friday at midnight to provide three witness statements that he never made any racist or anti-Semitic slurs, as alleged. His lawyer Stephane Zerbib also confirmed that Galliano filed a claim of defamation and injury against the couple, Geraldine Bloch and Philippe Virgiti, who accused him of making such statements.

According to police reports, Galliano allegedly yelled: "Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead!" to Bloch (who is not Jewish), and "F*cking Asian bastard, I will kill you!" to Virgiti, who is of Asian descent.

Galliano is "shocked" at Dior's decision to suspend him, according to Zerbib: “He is not guilty and is not embroiled in a court case or anything. He feels it is a decision that has been made without verification of the facts and based on one side of the story and he is very shocked about that."

Apparently Galliano's chauffeur, who was at the cafe during the incident, is a key witness and has confirmed to police that the designer's account of the events is true. A source who has worked with Galliano on several projects told The Cut he "can't imagine [Galliano] would do this to anyone. I'm an observant Jew, and I know from my own experiences with him that there's no way he hates Jewish people. He's incredibly gentle."

Today, the Paris public prosecutor's office ordered Galliano and Bloch to meet Monday afternoon at the police station in Paris' third arrondissement. "They have to find out the truth," said Zerbib. "If the public prosecutor’s office decides it is an emergency case, things could go very quickly."

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