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Juicy Couture's Beauty and the Beast Collection

Holy Throwback! Juicy Couture's Beauty and the Beast Collection Is a 2-in-1 Blast From the Past

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It's official: whether we like it or not, Juicy Couture's infamous tracksuits have risen from the ashes of our past, reminding us of middle and high school days spent lounging in the velvety separates. Hot on the heels of Juicy's funky collaboration with Urban Outfitters, the designers behind the iconic '90s must haves released a capsule collection inspired by one of our favorite magical Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast.

The limited-edition collection features two velour jackets — one yellow and one navy blue — embellished with thousands of Swarovski crystals in designs that nod to the enchanting fairy tale. This makes for a pretty hefty price tag, as any Disney diehards will have to cough up $598 for the bright yellow option and $698 for the navy blue number.

Though they may not be the most fashion-forward loungewear we've seen, we can't deny they're sending our childhood nostalgia through the roof. Beauty and the Beast plus Juicy tracksuits?! It's simply too much to handle. Read on to take a peek at the cozy, crystal-adorned jackets, and prepare for a two-in-one blast from the past.

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