Last night we attended the Juicy Couture Flagship store opening and boy, was it inspired--we arrived early to take some pictures of the store which, we will say, is massive. In fact, what seemed like modest second floor from the entrance was, once upstairs, quite sprawling with rooms. Once the guests started arriving we found ourselves falling into a kind of Gatsbyesque stupor, we thought,

"When I grow up I want to have a biiiiig store of Fifth Avenue and in the windows there will be dancing ballerinas and in the doorways, men in suit jackets. When I walk upstairs there will be men on stilts in marching band coats and when I get to the top, cakes of all varieties. In the store there will be enough candy, fur, and pajama pants for a whole lifetime and..."

At which point we were snapped back into reality by Ann Slowey who muttered the words "baaaaar" as she walked past us in her sky-high suede platforms. There were other interesting fashion characters there, like Julie Macklowe dressed noticeably in Chanel with her hair pulled back like a teenager. There was, just before, Martha Stewart, taking photos with her digital camera, seemingly oblivious to the people as she was so enchanted by the spectacle of the whole thing. There were actresses of young ages, socialites of young ages, actual everyday children, and some New York-type adults throwing back the champagne and taking a load off.  

Juicy founders, Pamela Skaist and Gela Nash-Taylor, worked the red carpet in black princess dresses--it was fitting extravagance for a Juicy Couture party in Gotham City.