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Karl Lagerfeld's Daily Routine Quotes

A Day In The Life Of Karl Lagerfeld

>> Wake up, read, paint, bathe, get a professional hairdo, and have lunch in one of your two houses before heading to the office — such is the daily routine of Chanel couturier Karl Lagerfeld.

The designer explained the quotidian details of his life in the newest issue of Harper's Bazaar, but his days are anything but routine. That's not to say the Kaiser doesn't follow a pattern — it's just an extremely fancy, over-the-top pattern. A few of the highlights below:

On his sleeping pattern: "I sleep seven hours. If I go to bed at two, I wake up at nine. If I go to bed at midnight, I wake up at seven. I don't wake up before — the house can fall apart, but I sleep for seven hours. I wear a long, full-length white shirt, in a material called poplin imperial, made for me by Hilditch & Key in Paris after a design of a 17th-century men's nightshirt I saw at the Victoria and Albert Museum."

On his hair: I have my hair done because I hate to have hair in my face when I sketch. My hair is not really white; it's kind of grayish, and I don't like the color. So I make it totally white with Klorane dry shampoo. That is the best thing to do because my hair is always clean.

On baths: "I don't get dressed and take a bath until lunchtime because I am doing a dirty job, painting with colors. So I wear my long nightshirt; it becomes kind of like a painter's smock, then it goes to the laundry."

On getting to work: "I have two drivers and several cars. I have a driver who in the morning does the shopping for me and brings the newspapers, and another one, Sébastien, who is also my secretary, who is free in the morning and works in the afternoon and late in the evening. On my way to the Chanel studio, I like to look around, I like to look at Paris. I never get tired of Paris. A lot of people are on the phone all the time; they don't see anything anymore. It's true. I like to watch."

On dinner: "Dinner depends on the day. I don't go out that much because I'm always late, and I'm so busy and so pleased with what I'm doing that I'm not really ready for a social evening. That's over — the people I was going out with are dead or don't exist anymore . . . I hate the word routine. What I hate most is when you have to look at your watch and get in a hurry to change for dinner, if you have an important dinner. Every dinner is important; you should never be without a dinner, but this I'm a little tired of. I did a lot of it in my life."

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