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itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
I'm with morgs... it's getting old. But I'm an unapologetic, meat-eating, leather-wearing kind of girl so I don't really think anyone wants to hear me talk about minks. My point is on the issue of faux furs. Fashionista raised the point a few months ago that wearing faux fur if you're anti-fur is a bit like "smoking fake cigarettes next to the playground" and I have to agree. How many times have we seen photos of celebrities wearing fur and then been like "I sure hope that's fake!" If you can't tell the difference, then all you're doing is promoting fur. On a second note, faux-fur is petroleum-based--it takes about a barrel of oil to make one fake fur coat. So for all the bleeding hearts out there, save the animals, kill the planet?
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
I think the fur debate can be resolved if we look into a) the history of the use of animal skin for clothing, and b) the resbonsibility of human beings as stewards of this planet to not waste natural resources. Since the caveman days (or whatever you want to call it), it has been understood that human beings have the right and responsibility to use natural resources such as animals and plants for food, clothing, and shelter. However, it wasn't a matter of slaying animals nilly willy just for fun or fashion. Now-a-days, there is no need to use it for fashion, since we have so many artificial resources to use. We are in charge of this planet! Whether you believe in God, or that there is no great being in charge, human beings have something called stewardship which says that we have the responsibility to use resources responsibally and not waste them! it's so funny/disgusting to me that so many people are so concerned about ending fur use, but have no problem with abortion. it's so sad that in this world, and especially in this country, we worry so much about animals and criminals and people that do not deserve handouts, but we murder our own babies! that is insane, and I really cannot listen to anyone anti-fur if they are also pro-abortion...
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 8 years
I'm glad it's trendy! It gets the word out and makes people stop and THINK (something so many don't usually do). I've been anti-fur all my life and will continue to be so. I don't wear fake fur, but I would if I found a piece I liked. No animals are harmed when making fake fur. Why yes, it completely makes sense to kill lots of little minks for a trendy (right back at you) fur coat....sarcasm. Lagerfeld's argument is ridiculous. His lack of intelligence is showing. If you're going to argue pro-fur, you need to come up with something better than that.
Asche Asche 8 years
Valid point. I'm just sick of the anti-fur rant. It just seems like it's a) super trendy and b) celebrities turn anti-fur for publicity. Look at the Kardashian chick. She has no talent, yet people are talking about her because she went naked for PETA.
breakbrooklyn breakbrooklyn 8 years
@morgs your argument works with regards to your boots but not to the fur trade as a whole because a lot of fur isn't coming from animals that are already being killed for food. the fur on your boots came from lambs and i'm assuming the meat was used too but many times, animals that aren't considered food (like foxes or mink) are killed. this is what upsets most people (of course you'll find people that are against fur no matter the circumstances).
Asche Asche 8 years
Ugh, please, I'm sick of fake fur. It's tacky and if you are so against the idea of wearing fur, then why fake it in the first place? I can respect the anti-fur opinions of Vegans...someone who lives there life without consuming any animal byproducts or wearing leather, etc have every right to argue against the use of fur. However I think it has become too trendy to be against fur. I tend to not eat meat, but I wear fur, leather, etc. I have people yelling at me for wearing shearling lined boots (I live in the's bloody cold here and, I'm sorry but "faux fur" doesn't keep you warm like the real stuff). But those same people turn around and eat a steak, wear a leather belt, or eat candy with pork byproducts in it. So who is worse...Me or the hypocrite? We are NEVER going to live in a cruelty-free, vegan world. It will never happen. And, frankly, doing so would go against Darwinism. So, if an animal is going to be slaughtered for a butcher, why not harvest the fur? If the animal is going to die, we may as well use every piece of it.
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