Kate Mara is sitting down, standing up, and sprawling out with Elle. In the July issue shoot, just released this morning, the House of Cards star opens up about career and family — namely the other Mara, Rooney.

When asked what it's like to be the older sister of an Oscar nominee, she answers, "People want it to be much more complicated than it is. Family is family, a career is a career." She adds, "We're both more concerned with beating ourselves up than competing with each other." Scroll down to see more photos and read more quotes from the feature.

More images from Kate's photo shoot, here.

  • "I admired how she managed to make ambition attractive. She just has a very winning way and great charm in the way that she couches her ambitions," describes Kate's House of Cards director, David Fincher.
  • Kevin Spacey's a fan! "I find she's a formidable actress of immense power — and brilliantly funny," he says.
  • "We both plan on acting for a really long time," Kate tells Elle of her career and Rooney's.

  • "There is a real effort to give the women in this show something substantial," explains Spacey. "They're not window dressing"
  • "When I described the character, Rooney laughed and told me, 'You're going to end up casting my sister,'" Fincher recounts.
Source: elle.com