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>> Kate Moss is still very much in business — that photoshoot with Craig McDean in Paris last week was for a future Yves Saint Laurent women's fragrance, she recently had buckets of water thrown in her face during a Mert & Marcus shoot, and soon she's going to be jetting in to New York to launch that first stateside Topshop store — they've already got racks inside — simultaneously with her ninth collection for the brand, which she's already been wearing out and about, and has garnered fans like Giovanna Bataglia.

But those things might not be the only projects on Kate's plate.  In a recent interview with the Telegraph, it appears that Kate slipped up and admitted that she's getting married — why else would she say "the wedding"?

An exquisitely beaded 1920s-style flapper dress that is draped over a chair catches her eye. "Ooh that would be great for the wedding." She pauses, suddenly realising the headline-worthy nature of what she has just said. "Not my wedding. A friend’s. No. I’m not getting married and my boobs haven’t grown because I’m lactating or pregnant."

But back to her Topshop collection — she's says it's evolved since round one.

"The first season was pieces that I loved which had been hanging in my wardrobe that I then tweaked and improved. It was great, but now I can’t wear any of it because, oh my God, all my favourite dresses have a Topshop label in them, ha ha. Now when I come into the office I’ll talk about things that I really want. It’s about what I think I am going to wear next season."

On to more pressing matters: for whom does she dress to impress? »

And the ninth installment reminds her of her mother.

It includes a capsule line of camisoles, baby-doll dresses and bustier sheaths decorated with Liberty prints. "When I was growing up everything was about Liberty prints for me. I had Liberty-print dresses when I was a child. They remind me of my mum. Like all those gorgeous 1970s shirts with little flower Liberty prints that are so delicate and really English, and so cute."

She'll stick with Topshop because she feels like she fits.

Of course she had been asked to get involved with several designer brands over the years, but she says that felt like too much pressure given that she is not a "proper designer."

And she dresses for her driver.

Her litmus test is her driver because he sees her every day. "If I put something on and he says 'Looking nice, Kate,' then I know I must be doing something really right."

Even at her level, modeling isn't all peaches and cream.

"Somebody said the other day, most models don’t like fashion, they just do it as a job," she gasps. "I was horrified. My God, why would you do it? If you don’t like it, people can treat you like sh*t. If you don’t enjoy the fantasy of it all, if you don’t get into the spirit, what’s the point?"

And even before she was discovered, she already had the bad girl streak.

The week before the model agent Sarah Doukas discovered her in the airport terminal at JFK, the 14-year-old Moss had been holidaying with her father in the Bahamas. Her parents had just split up and the only way her father could coax her into accompanying him was, she says, to buy her a carton of Marlboro Lights. Not only was she smoking on holiday, she also experienced her first holiday romance. All of this, Moss says, contributed to her thinking, "I was it! I thought I was 18 years old. I was really pleased with myself. Before that I was really naive and then that holiday, everything changed. If I hadn’t had those experiences, who knows what might have happened . . ."

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