Kate Moss Orders 6 Pieces From Poltock and Walsh Fall '09 Collection
Designer Spotlight: Poltock and Walsh

Designers Fiamma Poltock and Katie Walsh don't necessarily create for celebrity endorsements, but any type of shine is definitely welcome — especially when it comes from Kate Moss. The Super just ordered six pieces from their scintillating Axl Rose (what?!) and snowflake-inspired Fall collection. "Kate is one of the biggest style icons worldwide and we're sure [she] gets bombarded with clothing from designers around the world, so for her to come directly to us and make such a great selection is really a huge honor," said the London-based designers. Poltock and Walsh's mix of tough edge jumpsuits, frocks, and separates include a soft touch via furry textiles, ruffled layers, and silky fabrics. Moss loved this colorblock Paradise City dress so much, she ordered it in two colors.

To see Kate's complete order from their Fall '09 collection,


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