UPDATE: Winslet's publicist has confirmed that the actress will not be playing Westwood in her upcoming biopic stating that the rumors are "not at all true.” Vivienne Westwood's reps also denied the claim, “The script has not even been finished yet, let alone casting. Kate Winslet was just one of many names that were mentioned as possibles to play Vivienne, but this whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion.”

Vivienne Westwood has chosen Kate Winslet to play in her upcoming biopic. "The script is going well and Kate will play Vivienne. It has been a long time in the planning but we're very excited that it's happening," said a Westwood representative.

Winslet — note her resemblance to the designer — will spend time with Westwood to refine her portrayal of the eccentric designer. The untitled, Universal production is said to take viewers through the Dame's beginnings as a punk roots designer to becoming a highly touted, worldwide success. Fabulous.