We have witnessed a fashion metamorphosis. After Holmes' recent Celebrity Style and the announcement that Katie and newfound fashion friend Victoria Beckham, more on that later, are creating a children's clothing line I got to thinking: wait, Katie Holmes was not always a style maven. Now I was not a Dawson's Creek fan, but I did enjoy Katie's performance in the fun-ride-of-a-film called "Go." But no, she never stood out on the red carpet or in glossies as being particularly stylish. She's lucky she has a lovable dimply pretty face because if not, I would have never noticed her (no offense!). But I notice young brimming fashionistas; that's my job and duty in life, after all.

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Here's a little retrospective on Holmes. As you can see she has gone from an innocent, blah, slightly pudgy faced youngin' to a svelte and sophisticated lady. Holmes is about my age so I give her some credit after thinking back to what I wore seven years ago. That said, I always had some unique styling going on and it is this she lacks. I believe it's the unique and somewhat risktakers who have innate style.

This first pic is from the '98 Emmys; wait, is that a wedding dress?! The next is a poorly paired asymmetrical dress with a black cardigan - fashion no no - btw: she is at the "Eyes Wide Shut" premiere, coincidence much? Then she did asymmetry right in a lovely white pant outfit but what is with the unpolished hair & furry black clutch? Close, but no cigar. Then, we have the overdose of red look in '04 and under no circumstances is a red dress, red shoes, AND red clutch allowed on a red carpet. Enter metamorphosis. Katie is looking sleek and vibrant in Grecian turquoise with her new hubby - a big improvement. Which brings us to today where vive Le Smoking says it all.

When one marries rich (and famous), becomes BFF with someone named "Posh," and has the fashion world at her fingertips it would seem to me to be pretty easy to quickly adopt some "style." So what is that has made Holmes blossom into a young sophisticate? Money? Fame? A friend/stylist? Or is it personal style and she is embracing her innate talent? Whatever the reason, I've got a suspicious eye fixed on this one to see where her fashion persona goes next. What do you all think?