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Kell on Earth

Are You Watching Kell on Earth?

If you're used to getting your fashion fill via shows like The Hills and The City, then Kell on Earth is a large dose of reality. It tells it like it really is in the fashion world. I caught up with all four episodes this weekend and I'm hooked. I've worked with Kelly and her staff before, but to witness their everyday chaos is both entertaining and stressful. It's also nice to see the motherly side of Kelly — Ava is such a little fashionista! Tell me, are you watching the show? What do you think so far?


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amkoterba amkoterba 7 years
I love that she ran into her old dog on the random but awesome
remember-aurora remember-aurora 7 years
I love this show. I need to work for this HBIC.
mintz mintz 7 years
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I love this show and it's nice to see a strong-minded chick showing us the real fashion world instead of a bunch of MTV reality shows with 20-somethings prancing around LA and the Hamptons. LisaLockhart, I also love her assistant!
jkat jkat 7 years
Yeah in the harsh world of fashion it can be terribly stressful trying to make a list, print it out and find the right stamps. How could anyone possibly manage that type of pressure? This show just makes me realize what self-important twits people in the fashion industry can be. (And how many of them are not the brightest bulbs apparently...)
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
Hooked on the show - Love Kelly and her great balance of realism, sass, humor and heart!!! This is one of the best reality shows I have seen in my opinion - it shows that fashion isn't ALL fun and games.
LisaLockhart LisaLockhart 7 years
I love this show already! I know it just came out a few weeks ago but I am already hooked. I was expecting to see her be all bi*chy but she seems like a cool person, and her gay/gothic assisant is HILARIOUS! i would love to work for her lol. []
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
totally love this show! kell is so honest and has managed to build a great biz. this show makes my monday nights! on a side note how about that girl getting hired and then fired within 20 minutes?
db849 db849 7 years
LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. It gives me my "fix" while waiting for the Rachel Zoe Project. Kelly & her core team are just awesome & seeing how crazy their lives are- makes me feel like I'm not alone! lol LOVE the show.
AmyGro AmyGro 7 years
I actually rather like Kelly, and I never thought I would! She really has her sh*t together. Although, I work in PR, and watching this show makes me think 'this is my life' over and over again.
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