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Kenneth Cole High-Fashion Collection Line Video

Watch — Kenneth Cole Explains His New High-Fashion "Collection" Line

>> Before Kenneth Cole celebrates the 30th birthday of his eponymous brand next year, he's going to do something he's wanted to do for decades — introduce a line of clothing that's more fashion focused and higher priced than the several lines he already creates.

The new line will be called Kenneth Cole Collection, and it will be in stores in July. Cole is introducing the line to editors and consumers this week but provided customers a sneak peek at the line with a behind-the-scenes video in which he speaks to the collection's ideas. Cole says he wanted to create clothing that people will want to wear longer than a season, and to that end the clothes in the Collection line use more luxurious fabrics and place a greater emphasis on styling. That won't come cheap — WWD reports that while most pieces in the longstanding Kenneth Cole New York line retail between $150 and $450, the Collection line will range from $400 for dresses to $900 and above for outerwear. But for Cole, the whole idea of this line was to create something his customers will want to invest in.

"Nobody empties their closet at the end of every season," Cole says. "We look for very special pieces to complement that which we already own and that which we hope to own. So the collection is meant to be one of those special pieces — or more."

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