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Kids' Choice Awards: Vanessa Hudgens

Kids' Choice Awards: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens arrived on the orange carpet with her man in hand, sporting a pair of denim shorts, fringe top, and studded black boots. Layers of chains, a perfectly placed belt, and gorgeous locks complete her country cutie vibe. Are you loving her look?

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shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
her shorts look like diapers
syemour syemour 8 years
Vanessa is one of those people that gets it right 90 percent of the time. While I may not like the boots, again, her accessories and outfit make it work together. She can almost always wear about anything, and can turn around and sell it too. This is no exception. And her hair looks amazing. to me she looks a lot more like she is ready for KCA'S than her partner Ashley whose shoes did not work with the dress and once again wore a push up bra to shove her size a boobs out of her dress. how is that apppropiate for a kids award show?
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 8 years
the look is OKAY... it looks bad on her i think
myystque myystque 8 years
I think she looks cute. The boots could be cuter, but overall I like it.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
not a fan of this. it's just 'too casual' to me - you shouldn't wear jean shorts to an awards show - even if it's an environment like this. and i don't care for the boots either.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
I love it, I think she looks beautiful and her outfit is fun and youthful...perfect for the event!
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
NO. She looks awful like always. The only thing she has going for her is great skin and her makeup always looks nice. Well, and the fact that she's dating Zac Efron...hottie. But she needs to fix that out-of-control mane of hers!!!!!!!
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
It's a KID'S show...yeah, it works..
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Eh it's okay.
mollybaby mollybaby 8 years
for sure
mollybaby mollybaby 8 years
booties = meehh
neonbee neonbee 8 years
The top and shorts look cute, but those boots are just meh.
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 8 years
The boots look awful. Overall it's a cute outfit.
barbiedoll53 barbiedoll53 8 years
omg guys look at her pants..cant believe no1 brought it up..look at it looks weird look like some sort of ''confused skirt''..lmao..although the outfit isnt totally fabulous she could just never look horrible cuz she is so pretty..her features are fabulous...:)
emalove emalove 8 years
Other than the heinous boots, she looks cute.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
Woah! This outfit has trash written all over it!
AdriNicTrax AdriNicTrax 8 years
What is up with those boots? They are hideous.
nourhayaty nourhayaty 8 years
the look is great but i didn't like the boots at all
bornthisway bornthisway 8 years
i was gonna love it but then i scrolled down and saw the boots...
makiwacky makiwacky 8 years
the books give her ogre-sized feet. hahaha hot top though
le-romantique le-romantique 8 years
She looks trashy. But thats ok, so many little kids look up to her and probably dress the same way now... haha
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 8 years
She looks ridiculous
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Don't care much for the clothes, I don't think they're super cute or super ugly but I love, love, love her hair.
carpediem825 carpediem825 8 years
she's pretty, but he is prettier.
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