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Kiel James Patrick Seafarer Collection | Review

Want It! Stand by Your Man, but Don't Steal His Shirt

The Piece: Kiel James Patrick Seafarer Collection

The Price: $98 each

Why We Want It: Borrowing from the boys isn't exactly what you'd call a new styling trick, but with the newest shirts from Kiel James Patrick, you won't have to borrow anything from anyone. The Seafarer Collection comprises two men's and two women's oxford cloth button-collar shirts covered in tiny embroidered maritime signal flags. They're probably the preppiest and most forthrightly nautical pieces of clothing we've seen all Summer — but then again, what else should you expect from a preppy, forthrightly nautical brand? These shirts are brilliant, but what we love most about them is that both boys and girls can wear them in exactly the same way: paired with chinos, deck shoes, a pair of Clubmasters, and a gigantic smile.

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