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Kiini Bikinis

THIS Is the Bikini That'll Be Blowing Up Your Instagram Feed All Summer

I didn't discover Kiini through a market appointment or press preview; I fell in love with the bikinis on Instagram. Through the filtered vacation photos of fashion bloggers and style-savvy girls pictured on sandy beaches, I became obsessed and finally bought one of my own. When we met face to face, my love only grew. The bright crochet was eye-catching and different from all the swimsuits my friends had, and the elastic held me in all the right places without any ties or buckles. As a bonus, I seemed to collect compliments with each wear.

Like I said, I'm not the only one. The Kiini love is practically contagious — and all over your feed, probably since last Summer. Maybe you didn't know it yet, but this could very well be the best bikini you ever buy. I really do believe the brand when it says: "[these suits] unleash superpowers such as supreme positivity." It's always sunny when I slip mine on. Keep looking to see how this hot little suit is taking over, and shop it before it flies off the shelves this season.

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