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Kim Kardashian's New Style (Interview)

Kim Kardashian Dishes All About Her Recent Style Transformation!

After spending some time down under in Australia, Kim Kardashian flew back to LA for a Midori event at the Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, where we caught up with her and gabbed all about fashion. Kim looked ultraglamorous dressed in a green Gucci dress with her favorite Tom Ford gold chain sandals. Of course we had to ask her about her recent, post-Kanye style transformation and she did mention that her boyfriend helped her through the process. We also talked about what she wants for Fall and what makes her feel the most beautiful and glamorous. Read that and more below, then shop some quintessential Kim pieces to get her new look.

CelebStyle: How would you describe your personal style?

Kim Kardashian: I would say my personal style has been evolving a lot. I think this year I’ve taken a couple of fashion risks in just trying to figure out what my individual style is, wanting to be a little bit more sophisticated. Through trial and error, I think I definitely have learned what I like and what I don’t like, so I would say it’s sexy for sure, but still sophisticated, and not as trendy as I used to be.

CS: With Fall coming up, is there anything in particular that you’re excited to rock?

KK: I’m looking for shoes. I love shoes. I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for, but I want some cool boots.

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CS: We saw on the show you did a whole closet cleanout. What was the inspiration for that?

KK: At the beginning of the year, when I took some time for myself, I feel like I really evolved just as a person and I wanted to have my style reflect that. I felt like, I’m in my 30s now, and I felt like I was dressing a little bit more like I was in my 20s. I asked my boyfriend, who designs himself and I felt like he knew a lot more than I, just to introduce me to stylists and he did introduce me to this one stylist that helped me, gave me suggestions, we cleaned out my whole closet, and then after that I’ve kind of taken over and kind of tried to figure it out on my own and some things have worked, some things haven’t, but I feel like I’ve really come to my own style and figured out what direction I want to go in.

CS: What’s the one thing you put on that makes you feel instantly glam and beautiful?

KK: This sounds ridiculous, but a robe that Vera Wang gave me. It’s this white satin robe and it just makes me feel like old Hollywood and I don’t have to be dressed up with this satin Vera Wang robe, just makes me feel so glamorous.

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