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Lady Gaga Mugler Video; Nicola Formichetti's Second Collection Disappoints

Watch Lady Gaga's New Mugler Video; Nicola Formichetti's Second Collection Disappoints Critics

>> Mugler seems to be quickly losing steam among the fashion crowd — a room full of smoke sent some guests outside until the show started, and many sounded disappointed when Lady Gaga only appeared on a video screen (clip below) singing: "I am a Mugler woman; don't f*ck with me. Don't f*ck with Mugler. Welcome to Paris; we are Paris." As the AP wrote, "Having a video of the world’s biggest star is simply not the same thing as seeing her strut her stuff on the catwalk, and the show fell flat even before it started."

Post-show, the Wall Street Journal's Christina Binkley tweeted, "I have rarely seen so many pissed off people rush out of a fashion show. Mugler. No new trends there," later elaborating: "It was a melange of the trends of the past 15 years: Beige from 2010, articulated shoulders from 2009, gothic, asymmetrical cuts from Helmut Lang."

The AP wrote: "It increasingly feels like Formichetti and the brand’s ready-to-wear designer, Sebastien Peigne, are grasping at straws, trying to come up with an outrageous new look that can become the brands new identity instead of finding a way to update its historical legacy." While noted, "It's a narrow little cross section of the world that has the bod and the lifestyle for these clothes. But if Mugler's 169,538 (and counting) Facebook likes are any indication, plenty of other plugged-in people are paying attention. That's probably good enough for the Mugler owners for now."

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