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Lauren Conrad's Must Haves

Chic Peek: What's in My Bag?

We are thrilled to share this story from Lauren Conrad! The TV personality, writer, designer, and style maven has started, a social networking site that features daily posts by Lauren on all of our favorite topics — fashion, beauty, food, party planning — and Lauren will be sharing her latest fashion finds with Fab every month. This week, she's giving us a sneak peek inside her handbag.

A lady's purse is her sanctuary. It's a place where all of her knickknacks and daily deeds are stored away from the world. And if you ask me, the contents of one's bag can tell you a lot about its owner. Since I've had a lot of people request a "What's in My Bag?" blog I've decided to finally clear out the crumpled receipts, stow away the spare change, and show you guys what's actually in my bag . . .

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Find out what Lauren keeps in her bag after the jump.

  1. Almonds. To prevent a case of the "hangries."
  2. Concealer. I never leave home without my Clé de Peau.
  3. Car keys. I live in LA, it's kind of a given . . .
  4. Lipstick. I like to keep a tube of red lipstick in my purse. Never know when you might need to add a little color to your pout during an impromptu outing.
  5. Lip gloss. I love Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. It leaves my lips with a subtle, non-sticky shine and the color is close to my natural shade, which I like.
  6. Lip balm. Is there anything worse than finding yourself with chapped lips and nothing to salvage the situation? I always have some form of lip conditioner with me at all times.
  7. Wallet. Another essential.
  8. PerfumeChanel. "Chance" is a year-round favorite for me when it comes to perfumes. I keep a bottle with me since I tend to reapply when the course of my day changes (such as post-work drinks or a surprise dinner date). For tips on picking the right perfume for you and making it last, click here.
  9. Sunglasses. The bigger the better.
  10. Pen. I feel like it's more hygienic to use your own pen, plus I like how this one writes. I'm not a germaphobe, I just think it's a good idea . . .
  11. Hair goodies. I always keep a bunch of bobby pins tied together with a hair tie. I cannot even begin tell you how many times this little bundle has saved me from serious hair hang-ups.
  12. SPF. You guys know how I strongly I feel about the importance of wearing sunscreen. It's the key to smooth skin and a (somewhat) wrinkle-free future.
  13. Compact mirror. Another must.
  14. Gum. I always like to keep a pack in my bag.
  15. I suppose the contents of my purse would reveal that I am a beauty loving health nut :-) Literally.

    Now it's your turn to show off the contents of your purse. Snap a photo and upload the image to your profile page and leave the image link in the comments below for a chance to be featured on the site.

    What do the goodies inside your bag say about you?

    XO Lauren

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