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Let's Swap — Spice up Your Wardrobe and Have Fun

Let's Swap — Spice up Your Wardrobe and Have Fun

Check out this fantastic fashion swap party idea from OnSugar blog amPartyGirl.

A fun way to spice up your wardrobe: Throw a swap party! That's right. It's a cool way to get the girls together and jazz up your fashion closet . . . especially if you are on a Closet Organization mission — like me.

Send an email invitation in advance to all of your besties giving them time to collect their items. Serve some appetizers and a signature cocktail. Everyone gets a chance to display their collection. You'll be moments away from a new look. Why stop there? You can also swap beauty items and your favorite books; sharing is caring. Be sure to be the hostess with the mostess and add a little party bag to go. Sephora has everything a girl can need to go in her little purse. You'll be sure to make your friends feel special.

To see how to set up a sweet fashion swap party,


To set up a Swap Party: 

  • Send an evite to your girlies in advance. To make sure you get the best swaps possible, you have to give your girls enough time to look through their closets. Try to send the invite 3-4 weeks in advance. 
  • Set some ground rules. When you send out the Evite, make sure to be clear what is acceptable to bring and what isn't. Some people have never been to a swap party, so be clear. No personal items (undies are a no-no), no items with rips or stains that can't be easily corrected. You get the gist.
  • Set a minimum. Tell your girlies the minimum number of items they should bring. The goal is to have a nice selection so everyone goes home with a few items. 4-5 pieces are a good minimum.
  • Variety Variety Variety. No group of girls are all the same size. And thank gosh they're not — snooze. So make sure to tell your girlies to bring a variety of items — clothing, jewelry, handbags, belts, etc. That way you guarantee everyone goes home with something.
  • Pay it Forward. If you have items left over — and no one wants to claim them — no biggie, just drop them off at your local church or Goodwill. Someone out there needs it and will be grateful for it.

Here's to your next swap party and to new threads! Cheers!

Want to see more? Start following OnSugar blog amPartyGirl or start your own OnSugar blog. We may just feature your post on Fab!

TheFashiontellr TheFashiontellr 7 years
Hi Rebecca - Thanks for your comment. I think there's a way to make money from this type of party - but I'm not sure I've figured out how. I would think it would work from as an event planner. thoughts?
saysaysanders saysaysanders 7 years
I would love to know all the information on the swap parties? Is there a way I could turn this into a business? I have been searching day and night for months for an at home business etc. but havent been successful yet. I wanted to organize a "Trade program" that generates money. I eventually ran into your site and so I have to ask you who kinda gets what i'm talking about. I want to make money from home some how with an at home business that trades random items between two people and gets paid a tiny price to do it. I was thinking books, same size cothes, jewelry, purses, un opened makeup, etc. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Thank You for you time. -Rebecca
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