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It's a Lipstick Jungle Out There!

It's a Lipstick Jungle Out There!

There's a new fashion-forward clique in TV town and I'm happy to welcome them and their fabulous wardrobes to the neighborhood. Lipstick Jungle, starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price, showcases much more realistic fashions than its competition, Cashmere Mafia. But don't mistake realism for boring. These ladies love their Jimmy Choo bags, leopard Louboutins, power suits, hip outerwear, and colorful accessories. Best of all? Only a few belts in sight!

In a conference call with reporters recently, executive producer Candace Bushnell and actress Brooke Shields gabbed about the show's fashions.

On the show's wardrobe:
Shields: "It is undeniably a high fashion show. But what I think makes it more accessible is that nothing in it is prohibitive. Nothing in it has a cartoon aspect to it where you couldn’t feasibly think that you could wear that yourself. . . . I think that they look amazing and I think that it’s comfortable on them. But you'll see them before you see the fashion. But then if you take a closer look you’ll realize it is a Louboutin shoe and it is a Chanel jacket, and it is a Dior outfit or a suit."

To hear more of what Lipstick Jungle has to offer,

Bushnell: "I think that the fashion is definitely important in the show. We have a stylist (Amanda Ross), who works for fashion magazines. And I think we’ve tried to keep the clothes real, very elegant."

On Brooke Shields's character's wardrobe:
Shields: "From the character’s standpoint, I don’t think that Wendy was as naturally fashionable. I think her two very obviously fashionable friends have had an effect on her. I think they’ve gone to her closet and they’ve weeded out, and made sure that she couldn’t make any mistakes. And that they sort of helped her along in the fashion world."

On Shields's opinion of the wardrobe
Shields: "I am infatuated with the clothes on the show. I would love to pretend that I really lived like that. It comes very naturally to these characters and I need a bit more help. I think that the minute I sort of don certain costumes, I shouldn’t say, but the wardrobe that Wendy gets to wear, there is a sense of power in it and a sense of strength."

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