To start things off yesterday morning we watched and took video of the Betty Jackson show over at the Natural History Museum. A major difference between London and New York, in terms of seating strategy, is that in London there is no guarantee that your ticket will get you in the show (if you have standing), let alone in your seat—and don’t even get us started on the politics of the photographer’s pit. To Betty Jackson, we made our way in without trouble but, like many shows, had no chance of squeezing our tiny selves and tiny camera into the pit. So, we did the unthinkable and sat in our seat. We were second row and took the seat by the aisle thinking, “this will be fine”. Forty five minutes and eight “is this person going to block me” panic attacks later, the show started. You’ll have to pardon the appearance of an elbow here and a microphone there, in our video, but we’re pretty proud of the results—given the circumstances. The point of telling this story, aside from being up front with you, our readers, about the process (remember: this is not really about us and it’s definitely not about making you want to be us—we’re pretty confident you’ve got your own things going on), is to say that being closer to the garments actually helped our appreciation for the clothing. We can say that these clothes, however plain, are very beautiful and well made in person! Betty Jackson’s Fall 08 show was on our favorites and so, despite her not being one of London’s star newbies (this is her 25th year at London Fashion Week), we’re still officially on her side. Also, bring on the high waisted bloomer shorts!