Earlier this evening we stopped by the Reem presentation, arranged as part of the On/Off shows this season. It was the walk-around arrangement, where mannequins wearing the collection and ordinary people with champagne flutes intertwined. The clothing was stunning up close--a perfect example of what constitutes a presentation-worthy aesthetic. The embroidered neckpieces reminded us a little of something we might see from New York's Subversive Jewelry and, when sequins and lace and ribbon mixed together in a vaguely military way, we thought back to Givenchy Fall 08 which had a similar palette and mixing of appliques. The combination of battered canvas or light cotton with intricate, more formal, textures (i.e. lace, feathers, sequins) are what made this collection very special and very now. Ever since Proenza Schouler Fall 08, the lose, layered textures have been in full swing. 


Click here for the Reem Spring 2009 photos