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Look of the Day: 80s Child

Litew8lady (on the right) looks so incredibly cute and stylish as a true 80s child! Even at the tender age of three, she knew she had it going on in her pink sweatshirt, beaded necklace and hoop earrings. And the side ponytail is classic 80s!

It was too long ago to remember what brand of clothing she was wearing, but she and her cousin look adorable, nonetheless.

Congrats to Litew8lady!

Everyone else, submit your looks and vote on your favorite ones today and I just might feature you on FabSugar! If you live overseas and have a fab outfit to share, join the Overseas Fashionistas Group and to submit a Look in this group learn how to post a blog.

books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 10 years
I've actually been in a daze staring at the screen for hours, but this picture made me smile. Thanks :)
bcn bcn 10 years
soooo cute
Fashionsugar Fashionsugar 10 years
awwww..what cute little girls
cm0nster8 cm0nster8 10 years
CUTE!! I think Fergie was trying to imitate that little girl on the right's style. lol
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
This is such an adorable picture!
Keri1 Keri1 10 years
too cute!! Keri
SU3 SU3 10 years
Very cute!! :)
starbucks2 starbucks2 10 years
you look like raven in a back in the days when she was on the cosby show. that smile is just like hers. just adorable
xxbrittney xxbrittney 10 years
aww this is awesome in so many ways! litew8lady, you and your cousin are such beautiful little girls, and i am in LOVE with 80s fashion, i still cant help wearing leggings even though i know they're not in style anymore, and ive always worn huge earrings so this picture totally makes my day!
tati33 tati33 10 years
adorable!!! super cute!
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 10 years
awe!!!! :D
nati nati 10 years
I ♥ this pic!
redsilkshoes redsilkshoes 10 years
Vannuccia Vannuccia 10 years
You both actually make the 80s look good! :)
Drewsfan Drewsfan 10 years
Awwwwwww. That's an adorable picture, but I will say that I don't miss those looks one bit!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
How cute!
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
Too cute! :)
sandra-werner sandra-werner 10 years
To adorable for words!!! :)
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
Awwwww! Those two little girls made me smile! How adorable.
GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
yes! so cute! is like look at my mom but in child style :P i really like it
Lala77 Lala77 10 years
sooooooooooo cute , u little girls are just lovely :)
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