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Look of the Day: Country Club Chic

I try to feature all sorts of outfits for the Look of the Day and Phebevenus' ensemble is one that preppy girls everywhere will adore. It's tres country club chic! I especially love the flipped collar and the baby blue/light pink combo.

Here's what she has on:

  • Top: Proenza Schouler for Target
  • Cardigan: Banana Republic
  • Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Necklace: A bead store in Austin
  • Shoes: Steve Madden

Congrats to Phebevenus!

Everyone else, submit your looks and I might feature you on FabSugar! If you live overseas and have a Fab outfit to share, join the Overseas Fashionistas Group, to submit a Look in this group learn how to post a blog.

Join The Conversation
tenndra5 tenndra5 9 years
thats hot
chrysanthemums chrysanthemums 9 years
well... that really does remind me of old ladies... sweet old ladies...sipping tea and all that. each piece separately is cute...but all together--that's just too much.
ash_aholic ash_aholic 9 years
jennaboa jennaboa 9 years
P.S., I didn't mean to sound so harsh. I am pre-caffeine, and thus beastly in the morning.
jennaboa jennaboa 9 years
I love the white shirt-pearls combo, especially the way the collar is turned up. But the pastels are a bit to Old Lady and really aren't form flattering. (Please don't take offense, the woman in the picture has a nice body, but pastels in the wrong cut are the clothing equivalent of eating ten Round Rock donuts (think lots and lots of sugary, glazed goodness going straight to the bum). Maybe it would look better without the cardigan and untucked. It's a sweet look, but ...
Community-Manager Community-Manager 9 years
Looks great! Perhaps you would like to join me for a game of croquet!;)
Pepper Pepper 9 years
Congratulations Phebevenus!
moonstone-girl moonstone-girl 9 years
I'm not a fan of the whole outfit--preppy is definitely not my look. But I really like the top.
amybdk amybdk 9 years
Well done! Congrats!
haute77 haute77 9 years
oh, and i forgot, congratulations! :)
haute77 haute77 9 years
she got LOTD so it doesn't matter if you agree or not. personally, it's not what i would wear, but that is the point. the lookbook is to get ideas from others and admire what they put together for themselves, NOT for anyone else.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
Well, to Phebevenus I apologize if your feelings were hurt by my grandma comment. I certainly maintain that it didn't deserve an ew! i love the top. I also like your other looks and envy your slim figure. I hope your day was wonderful!
ishop2much ishop2much 9 years
bealotus bealotus 9 years
Congrats! :)
sandra-werner sandra-werner 9 years
Most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on Look of The Day!!!! Those colors are soft and pretty, and you look lovely!!! :)
socialitebabe socialitebabe 9 years
It was worth shot but I'm gonna go no with this. I think maybe a skirt would do this outfit better justice
mocelebgossisme mocelebgossisme 9 years
i am TRULY all for constructive criticism yall (Div 1 athlete in college, sooo used to it and take it VERY well) but NOT mean-ness and overtly opinionated comments and well, remember, we women have sensitive egos and feelings... let's at least try to always be supportive... make sure your own house is clean b 4 calling someone elses house DIRTY!!! something for us all to ponder - *********** A non-doer is very often a critic-that is, someone who sits back and watches doers, and then waxes philosophically about how the doers are doing. It's easy to be a critic, but being a doer requires effort, risk, and change. - Dr. Wayne Dyer *********** COME ON - let's respect those that are 'doing' and support their effort!! xoxoxo
krampalicious krampalicious 9 years
applaud the effort and the color-mixing, but those pants make my womb sore.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 9 years
all these peices are cute, but together they do remind me of my great-grandma. but they aren't EWWW worthy. way to go phebevenus for trying something different.
books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 9 years
letatouage letatouage 9 years
rlveronica rlveronica 9 years
ohohmommio ohohmommio 9 years
Congratulations, dahling!
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 9 years
It's very feminine and with the flipped collar gives you a bit of sass. Very chic phebevenus!!
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