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Look of The Day: The Feeling's Neutral

Look of The Day: The Feeling's Neutral

I have been very into neutrals lately. I don't know why, but I'm loving the combination of black and tan - great cocktail too! It appears with malzie89 the feeling's neutral. She is today's Look Book Look of the Day!

Here's what she is wearing:

  • Cream wrap sweater: H&M
  • Camel tunic: H&M
  • Semi-Skinny jeans: Target
  • Bronze flats: Old Navy
  • African beaded necklace: She claims she's had them forever! How fab

Congrats to malzie89!

Everyone else, submit your looks today and I just might feature you on FabSugar! Do you live overseas and have fab outfits to share? Join the Overseas Fashionistas Group and to submit a Look in this group learn how to post a blog.

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uptowngurl uptowngurl 10 years
umm H&M is just about the BEST store there is! i went to europe this summer and they were all over-- it was heaven. They have the cutest clothes for the best price- and good quality too! i guess i'm lucky i have one not too far away.
virenda virenda 10 years
No H&M where I live. :0( Just wanted to say that the jeans are great. Good uniform wash.
malzie89 malzie89 10 years
No H&M!!???! WHat?! How?! I would..not be able to surive...I have H&M addiction problem hehe
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
Oh my gosh I love this outfit! I wish they had H&M in FL but they don't and you can't buy online.
malzie89 malzie89 10 years
yea, this outfit was kindof an experiment...ive had that tunic for a while and its sleevless so could wear ti now (too cold!) but i just borrowd that sweater form my sister and was like..what the hell :) thanks for the comments! i think your right about a shorter tunic, just wasnt feeling like heming a shirt haha
littlebird littlebird 10 years
LOVE this outfit! The Camel undershirt is a little too long; it if were shorter, this would be perfect. Everything else is fabulous.
imalifeguard imalifeguard 10 years
I really like this outfit (especially the hot shoes!) but i think there is too much of the under shirt showing. I used to work at a store where layering was mandatory. a shorter undershirt or a slightly longer over shirt would be better. maybe 3-4 inches?
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I love this outfit. Very simple and classic.
ShoeS ShoeS 10 years
It's like one of those things so simple but you never though of it!!!
aembry396 aembry396 10 years
I agree ShoeS! The sweater over something longer is genius, and I love the flats! Preppy to the max!
ShoeS ShoeS 10 years
Very cute, i never thought of putting wrap sweater over longer something!!! love the idea! thank you!!!!
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