At the opening of Harrods' Winter Sale, Eva chose a Dolce & Gabbana Denim Mini Dress. The patent leather trim is very interesting and adds some substance to an otherwise-drab denim frock. It's unlike any other denim dress I've seen out there. Leave it to D&G to come out with a nontraditional denim dress! The price is probably out of this world for us non-celebs, so we found a similar look for less for all you gals that love Eva's look.

To see the cheaper version,

Though it doesn't have the patent leather trim, this Parameter Indigo Faux Denim Wool-Blend Dress, on sale for $120, is rather similar in terms of the silhouette. Actually, I kind of like this version better because it's more translatable to the streets. Though it's no D&G, it still gets the look across!