Ah, the Hermes Birkin: a mystery to the common fashionista but a confidant to the stars. In the case of Victoria Beckham, the Birkin is more than a friend - it's a lover! She has multiple colors - black, tan, pink...and these puppies go for $7,000 - $10,000 plus. One would be lucky to get one in a lifetime. We're not that lucky, but today, good fortune is upon us in the form of a Look For Less!

To see the less-expensive version,

If we can't buy a real Birkin, at least we can pretend with a lookalike. This Brooks Brothers Leather Quarter-Flap Bag, on sale for $350 (originally $698) is pricey but a bargain compared to the real deal. It has the flap, the thin double handles and the Birkin-esque buckle. It looks like a Birkin, it acts like a Birkin...it might as well be a Birkin!