Babydoll jumpers are incredibly hot right now, with celebrities like Ashlee Simpson showing off their cute button-front styles all over town. But so far, most of the jumpers I've been able to find are incredibly pricey, like this Ivy Babydoll Jumper, available for $285 here.

For a very trendy piece that will most likely look ridiculous next Fall, it seems silly to pay such big bucks. Thankfully, one of our favorite discount chains has come up with a pretty spot-on imitation of the designer jumpers, for about $260 less. To see what it is,

It's the Forever 21 Relaxed Fit Dress, available for just $24.80 here. Sure, Forever 21 clothes tend to fall apart after a few months, but can you really see yourself wearing this jumper two years down the road? I think not. So get this cute look on the cheap while it's hot.