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Looks of the Week!

Aug 9 2009 - 6:22am

In this week's Look Book, you ladies were either super sweet or entirely badass. The outfits that stood out the most were thrill of a thrift [1], sweet as a rose [2], watch out [3], ladylike chic [4], summertime sass [5], roar! [6], hot pink [7], NYC diva [8], loving leopard [9], and double trouble [10]. Deuxfashion [11] and her pal have the hardcore look down. Check out their mad accessorizing skills.

Thrill of the Thrift

Congrats to Ms penny Lane [12]!

Sweet as a Rose

Congrats to Elethia [13]!

Watch Out

Congrats to mschaub2 [14]!

Ladylike Chic

Congrats to afgsabrina07 [15]!

Summertime Sass

Congrats to DIAMONDG [16]!


Congrats to ldq32 [17]!

Hot Pink

Congrats to PinkPeony [18]!

NYC Diva

Congrats to miz_ayet [19]!

Loving Leopard

Congrats to VintageBabe [20]!

Double Trouble

Congrats to deuxfashion [21] and her friend!

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