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Looks of the Week!

Feb 7 2010 - 5:16am

There were a bevy of spotlight-worthy outfits this week, from hard-core to high-fashion. Without further ado, they are: ready for Spring [1], sporty pink [2], dual tones [3], miss Karl [4], cool in graphics [5], all in the trousers [6], ruffled to perfection [7], leather lovah [8], and fashion forward [9]. Proceed to see the rest.

Ready For Spring

Congrats to AZDaisy [10]!

Sporty Pink

Congrats to stefyzz [11]!

Dual Tones

Congrats to LaLiza [12]!

Miss Karl

Congrats to glamafer [13]!

Cool in Graphics

Congrats to Pecosa Preciosa [14]!

All About the Trousers

Congrats to nouey80 [15]!

Ruffled to Perfection

Congrats to fashinlover [16]!

Leather Lovah

Congrats to davida10 [17]!

Fashion Forward

Congrats to Thavasa [18]!

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