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MTV Movie Awards: Ashley Tisdale

Fuchsia has been such a big color on the red carpet these days and High School Musical cutie Ashley Tisdale is wearing the bright hue so well. She looks youthful, fun and oh so girly. I love the black lace cami underneath the fitted frock. What do you all think?


charmaine81 charmaine81 8 years
o god she's just freakin ugly
melbell531 melbell531 9 years
Ok everyone look i think that she looks beautiful, so she can wear whatever she wants so leave her alone and i think that she does not look like barbie or skanky or whatever, that outfit is so cute and it is perfect on her!!!!
lizlee89 lizlee89 9 years
very cute, very Barbie...
A_Kat A_Kat 9 years
OH! Way cute! I wish I could look that cute in pink!
lamlokyihk lamlokyihk 10 years
she looks a bit ike ashlee simpson i like the barbie look, at least shes can handle it
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 10 years
not a fan. Definitely not a high fashion look.
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
Paris look-a-like. Ashley's way too bimbo-like now. Anyone thinks she'll ever go back to brown hair? And how did Paris feel about someone using her signature blonde and pink-ness?
allurance allurance 10 years
i like it. i never remembered her to be this cute. hmm..
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
I like it, but it doesn't "WOW!!!" me...
Drewsfan Drewsfan 10 years
I love it!
poetess poetess 10 years
The outfit is nice, but the hair is all too familiar-plain.
mollipop mollipop 10 years
Not everyone could pull off the look but she does.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
She looks like a cross between a barbie and Paris Hilton which is not a good combo. I don't like the hair obstructing the black lace, it just looks like her bra is hanging out.
wendybird33 wendybird33 10 years
she looks good but i can't help but feel reminded of vanessa hudgens at the teen choice awards last year...
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 10 years
Love it minus the bra thingy she's trying to pull off
Daylyn Daylyn 10 years
Even though she DOES look like Barbie, I think she looks cute :) Love this look on her!
GirlInPink GirlInPink 10 years
I can't hate anything pink!
Rach3408 Rach3408 10 years
I think it's perfect for a young person. Fun and classy.
swwonder swwonder 10 years
Hang on I change my mind SHE is the poor mans Paris Hilton! This girl irritates the h*ell outta me.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 10 years
i think she looks really cute and adorable.
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
Super adorable!
sarabel sarabel 10 years
another paris look alike which is NEVER a good thing!
amandaaa amandaaa 10 years
adorable, looks great on her, and i love how the lacey top under matches the lacey shoes. they ARE lacey shoes, right?
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I like it alright.
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