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Man Complains to ASOS With Eminem Lyrics

This ASOS Customer Didn't Just File a Complaint — He Started a Full-On Rap Battle

We've heard all types of customer complaint stories, but this guy has outdone them all. When Jay Walley from the UK sent in his blazer to exchange at ASOS, he never heard back. Instead of writing an angry letter, he — wait for — wrote a complaint using Eminem rap lyrics.

The words are based on Eminem's song "Stan," and Jay completely nails the rhyme. While we're LOL-ing over this clever format, ASOS's response was even better. A customer service representative, dubbing herself "Rianna" (how appropriate), responded back with her own verse:

Though it seems like Jay will get his blazer back in the end, we kind of wish this rap battle could continue. Eminem would be proud.


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