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Marc Jacobs On Happiness, His Physical Transformation, and Relating To Women - Interview Quotes

Marc Jacobs on Happiness, His Physical Transformation, and Staying Humble

>> In a recent interview with The Talks, Marc Jacobs opens up on everything from his morning routine to how he relates to women. And, though the designer shed his indie-grunge image several years ago, there's quite a bit in the interview about why — and how — he's physically changed: "No, I didn't do it for the image." Below, more highlights from the article.

On happiness: "I don't know what the key to happiness is. Happy is just a feeling like every other feeling. I certainly feel happy some days and in general I am pretty happy, but I have all the other feelings as well."

On success and constant flattery: "Well, I just do my job. I'm not really distracted by it. Nice things are very nice to hear and it is flattering when one is given some kind of recognition, but none of that distracts me from what my job is . . . And honestly, no matter how flattering or even un-flattering something is, it doesn't prevent me from getting up and going to work and doing what I love to do."

On changing his lifestyle: "I did it for health reasons. I was really very weak. I had been working very hard and I had some stomach problems, so I saw a nutritionist and he recommended that I go to the gym and change my diet and all of that."

On how he relates to his customers: "It's funny: I enjoy clothing more, I enjoy getting my haircut, I enjoy grooming. In a way it kind of helped me to understand more of what the customer sees in terms of fashion. I got to appreciate it more from a first hand point of view. I like to shop, for example, which I never did before."

On how he relates to women: "I feel much more secure with my body and in some ways I can relate more to the joys a woman gets in terms of taking care of herself."

On his morning routine: "Now I get up early in the morning and I really enjoy getting dressed and putting lotions on my skin and getting manicures— all those things. It's a joy, it is really nice. You know, it used to take me five minutes to get in and out of the bathroom. I would get in the shower, get out of the shower and put on the same clothes every day and I didn't care."

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