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Marc Jacobs Isn't Married, and Other Sundry Tidbits from The New Yorker

Marc Jacobs Isn't Married, and Other Sundry Tidbits from The New Yorker

>> After that rampant Marc Jacobs marriage rumor that made major Internet waves last month, we finally have confirmation that it didn't happen. In The New Yorker's Sept. 1 issue, Ariel Levy's profile of Marc bluntly states: "Last month, Page Six misreported that Jacobs had married Martone."  So, no marriage, but there is plenty of other insight to be had about Marc's relationship with Lorenzo Martone, his new "addiction," and all that attention he's been getting. 

Lorenzo was upset about all the tabloid coverage their relationship gets; Marc told him to "man up" and ignore it.

"Last Tuesday, [Page Six] had me making out with my ex-boyfriend Jason Preston at Pastis and bad-mouthing someone I went out with for four days. Well, first of all, I did not bad-mouth the person I went out with for four days, second of all I was not getting back together with Jason Preston, and, fourth—or first!—of all, I wasn't even in the city of New York on that Saturday! I was in Paris, France. My current boyfriend said, 'Marc, you know I don't believe it, but so many people have asked me about it.' I was, like, 'You put me on a plane Friday night! How can you be listening to this?'"

Instead of cocaine or alcohol, the gym has become Marc's addiction.

"Everything is beautiful at the gym, everyone looks amazing.  You just think it's like one big healthy circus going on out there: the bodies are great, people are jolly, and, even when they're complaining about how strenuous it is, there's, like, a kind of very good, positive, we're-all-doing-something-good-for-ourselves . . . And it's two and a half hours that I'm not smoking. I am a true addict in that whatever makes me feel good I want more of, whether it's good for me or not."

Anna Wintour sounds off on Marc! »

The gym has helped bring him attention, which he loves.

"I'm really happy with the way I look when I look at myself in the mirror. I spend hours in the bathroom now. I used to spend five minutes! But I like taking a shower. I like shampooing my hair. I like putting on moisturizer. I like wearing jewelry . . . I like the fact that people are sort of commenting on my appearance. I work on these things! So to have them recognized, even if sometimes I don't like the way they're recognized, I like that they are, and I feel good that I can admit that, instead of being ashamed. I'm going to get a 'shameless' tattoo next. That's what I think everyone should aspire to in life: being shameless."

He's gotten so much attention, in fact, some people even think he's a rock star.

In market research conducted for Daisy, a perfume he was introducing (named after one of his dogs), women at a mall in the Midwest were asked if they'd heard of Marc Jacobs. Many said yes, but when they were asked who he was, they often replied "a rock star" or "an actor" rather than "a fashion designer."  Probably, they had noticed his name in a gossip column.

All the attention and success doesn't make him infallible, according to his business partner of 24 years, Robert Duffy.

"You never know what's going to trigger something. He's hypersensitive, and so insecure. About his talent he's so insecure."

But he's secure enough to skip out on the CFDA Awards early.

Jacobs said later that he and his celebrity entourage had gone to meet David Beckham at Nobu. "It's been years since I've wanted to go to the CFDA Awards. I feel a bit obliged, and, again, when I go against what I feel and do what I'm obliged to do, I'm always unhappy."

Marc funds all those art purchases of his by "borrowing large sums of money," according to Robert Duffy.

"He was buying art until I was, like, 'Marc, stop! You've got to pay your taxes!"

Through thick and thin, Anna Wintour still thinks Marc is swell.

"Marc is a great, great designer — his talent is stronger than it's ever been before — but he also has a very acute sense of how to deal with the media, how to use the media. If you look at the kind of women he's drawn to, whether it's Sofia Coppola or Lindsay Lohan, he always taps in to them at exactly the right time. To be honest, I don't think Marc would be in the press the way he is if he didn't want to be."

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