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Is a Marc Jacobs Movie Project in the Works?

>> Marc Jacobs's longtime business partner Robert Duffy joined Twitter on January 29 — catch him while you can, he says he's only Twittering until Feb. 16 after the Marc by Marc Jacobs show.  In the week or so he's been on the social network, however, Duffy has shed a lot of light on upcoming projects at the company — as well as his business philosophy. For instance:

Duffy went to Los Angeles last week to work on an undisclosed movie project.

"Working on a movie project in LA. Also helping to edit a photo book about all the people that work with us. It's amazing! . . . The kids I work with all over the world are the most inspiring ever! So a book is being done on them. Working title 'the men and women of mj.'"

Will Marc join Twitter again? »

And the company is launching e-commerce in August.

"The e-commerce site will not ship internationaly at first. But you can check the web and e-mail a store and they can send it to you."

Marc doesn't do social networking anymore.

"No! Marc doesn't Twitter. He did & facebook. Wasn't a good idea for him. He closed all. Many use his name. He isn't on anything."

But he is appearing in the label's upcoming men's fragrance ads.

"Just saw Juergen Teller's pictures of Marc in our new mens fragrance Ads. You are going to fip! He looks very HOT!"

Marc does a Resort collection, but not Pre-Fall.

"No pre-fall. I don't believe in it. People want what they see on the runway!"

They also don't play the red carpet game.

"LA is all Oscar fever! Everyone is trying to get a dress on someone. It's crazy! So funny to watch. Glad we don't do that!"

On sizing:

"We have sizes 0-16. We sell mostly 2-6 in our stores. Thats a fact for our business. Our wholesale business is very different . . . Yes we go up to 16. Few people buy them. I wish they would. We keep making them. So we stock in our stores only to 14. No one buys them."

And on models:

"Never had a model no show in 26 years. I swear!"

"The issues with eating disorders are taken very seriously by our industry. The CFDA and designers I know have addressed this . . . There were models who were not allowed to work because their agencies were being responsible. It's a hughe problem. But people are trying."

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