Its easy to take potshots at hiptser fashion as being a bit silly. Unwearable clothing is a pastime in our hood and a few of your editors have been known to indulge. But we were never completely convinced that the Williamsburg set was dim. But it would seem a few other designers are not totally sold on just how bright they are as a demographic Stained Couture introduced us to this Marc by Marc Twinsie Cardigan. And then we saw it again on Chic and Untroubled. Sure its a bit cute that it has the two tone action going on. Every diffusion line needs a design gimmick in order to justify its price tag as far as we are concerned. But then we came across this pair of American Apparel leggings that is going the two tone route as well. Is this some sort of subtle kindergarten nudge to help us all remember which arm or leg is our "other left" appendage? In which case wearing both garments at the same time is sure to help drunk or otherwise addled fashion hipsters to remember how to turn left at Houston.