>> Marc Jacobs has been on the spot quite often in the past two days: this morning, he opened the Costume Institute "Model as Muse" exhibit press preview with an impromptu introductory speech, and yesterday at the New York Times-sponsored TimesTalks, he fielded questions from T magazine editor Stefano Tonchi about everything from what he'll be wearing to his wedding ("not white") to social networking (he canceled his MySpace account and doesn't have a Facebook profile).  In fact, regarding the social front, he admitted that he's "a bit socially uncomfortable, but a very good spectator." And he "[does]n't want to rule the world or anything."

But he is very passionate about getting married, The Cut reports.

"I don't want to get all political, but I don't ever want to be told who to love or how to love. Marriage is not just a heterosexual institution. Lorenzo and I are getting married. We’re buying a house together, we want to have children. There needs to be some protection in place in case something should happen to one of us. It’s not all rice throwing and a bouquet."

On muses, runway casting, and the "new Marc" »

And he's very aware of the type of clothes he aims to make.

"I don’t feel like I make red-carpet clothes. Once in a while, someone will choose to wear something, but it’s just not my thing. I’ve never pursued it. I feel like it’s Andy Warhol’s future, where everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame. There are twenty channels reporting on what Paris Hilton wore on the red carpet. Who gives a rat’s ass? What is Paris Hilton famous for?"

He's all about runway diversity.

"I’m not trying to seat the U.N. I’m casting a show. But I love a variety of girls. I’m not trying to do a Benetton campaign, but I have for years done one look per girl, so if I have 54 looks, I have 54 girls. But they do all have in common being slim and tall. That doesn’t mean that the clothes don’t exist in larger sizes, or that larger sizes shouldn’t wear them, but that’s how we choose to show them."

The "new Marc" is for a reason: ulcerative colitis.

"My doctor said I had to find the time every day to laugh, to rest, to eat well, to exercise and sweat. And then I found I liked spending two hours a day in the bathroom and telling people which skin-care products worked and choosing which skirt to wear."

Most of all, he's a loyal man.

"You never break up with a muse."

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