Coutorture's Editor in Chief may have a slight substance abuse problem when it comes to Marni. Thus as she browsed through the Google Reader today to check out network posts, she became more than a little giddy with Fashionation's post on fashion bloggers rocking a certain pair of Marni Wedges. Those glorious wedges are very much on sale, in a variety of colors and sizes no less. Fashionation managed to find a look-a-like pair but we feel it is our duty as avid consumers of the label to only suggest the Real McCoy. Because with so many options to choose from at such a discount it just might be worth a summer splurge. Think you can't afford them? We suggest forgoing your summer vacation and using the funds to snag a pair. Wear them in your backyard and create your own fashion vacation. Get a kiddy pool, a Slip N Slide and some Popsicles and admire your feet long into the summer twilight. Just think of all the gas money you would be saving. Which you ummm just spent on the shoes but never mind that little detail!