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Mena Suvari in Holey Jeans in LA

Trend Alert: Holey Jeans

Denim has seen many transformations this year; it's been fun following it. I guess the skinny jean backlash spun out of control.

First, we had baggy jeans, no thanks. Then the denim nip/tuck took over — I'm still into it. Most recently the more subtle slit jeans appeared. And now the '80s are totally back with holey jeans. Mena is strutting her stuff in this risqué jean. She vamps it up with black accessories — what do you think of her little feather hairpiece, btw? Call me crazy, but this is another denim trend I might take for a ride.

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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well the good thing with this trend is that my FAVORITE jeans are starting to get a bit worn and have holes, so i guess this means that i can wear them and they will be right in the line of what's trendy and in style. aside from the pair that i have, i don't know if i would be into it as much.
Dani-Olivastri Dani-Olivastri 8 years
i love this jeans
inadelle inadelle 8 years
Great. I have a pair hanging in the back of the closet, from Guess. Time to start wearing them again!
littlebmac littlebmac 8 years
I bought these from Express recently. They are really comfortable in the skinny style.
Jammi Jammi 8 years
I really love those jeans and the shoe is hotness.
eyesthatlie eyesthatlie 8 years
i love this look! probably because i'm a grunge girl at heart. i wouldn't buy ripped jeans, though. it's better as a DIY project. just get out the cheese grater and destroy!
shoppindiva shoppindiva 8 years
i dont know if this is a trend i would follow but she looks good in this outfit and her shoes are killer. i love them
356UIK 356UIK 8 years
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ALL my jeans have holes, and have had holes for at least the past 5 years. Glad I'm suddenly in style again :)
nals33 nals33 8 years
Her entire outfit is super cute! (Including the feather headpiece-thing. :P ) I looooove holey jeans. I'm so glad they're making a come-back!
writerjenna writerjenna 8 years
It's getting cold out! I do NOT want holes in my jeans.. or anything else!
Bitte-Ein-Kuss Bitte-Ein-Kuss 8 years
I do like her outfit, but I am really over torn jeans. I used to wear them in high school but now that I feel my style has evolved from the days of Abercrombie I prefer to look clean and classy.
shoecraze shoecraze 8 years
Love, love, love the shoes!!! So HOT!!
dollhouse1 dollhouse1 8 years
oh i luv this look. Mena is hot luved her in that lifetime movie, never knew she had a cute ass on her:)
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
For the upcoming winter I'm going to have to say "no" to this trend.
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
Love this outfit
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
Skinny jeans have never looked good on me and never will. I have an hour glass shape and they make me look like an ice cream cone, not hot!
bellechic27 bellechic27 8 years
I'm not a huge fan of the ripped jean but I do like the distressed is my new favorite...
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
In my area it is entirely too cold to rock this look in CT. But a little tear here and there is okay in the spring/summer. I would just DIY it with an older pair of jeans myself. Fab - a little off topic but I love a lot of the posts you do on jean trends but I am a very tall girl (6' or 6'1" or so) and I would love to rock some of the looks but they don't come in the right length for me (37" inseam). Could you possibly do a post on brands/designers that carry extra long length jeans. That would be GREAT!!!!
Merlin713 Merlin713 8 years
Not a fan. Plus, it's way too cold up here to have holes in your pants..
ranksubjugation ranksubjugation 8 years
Agreed, bluebird. I loved my destroyed jeans, but have been staying away from them to keep from feeling fashion backward -- now I am free to rock them w/o compunction!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
I just can't get with that trend. :shrug:
bluebird bluebird 8 years
I guess now I feel better about all those Abercrombie destroyed jeans I bought a few years ago! : )
amvbob amvbob 8 years
I've been wanting to shred a pair of skinnys since I saw Agnes Dyen in those absolutely shredded black jeans. I want to go to F21, grab a cheap pair, shred them to death, and then wear a bright colored tight underneath. I dunno, I'm weird like that.
emalove emalove 8 years
Me too, 4blankwalls...worn-looking jeans are okay, but I don't like ones that look THIS destroyed.
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 8 years
I LOVE her outfit. HOT heels.
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