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Michael Kors Is the Latest Designer with Entertainment Industry Aspirations

>> Michael Kors is hitting 30 years in the business this year, but just because he's celebrating doesn't mean he's slowing down, he tells the Los Angeles Times: "There will be another 30 years. I'm not 80. This isn't the hydraulic lift coming up at the Oscars and the slow wave. I still feel like a kid."

His attitude toward designing has changed since he started, however: "Initially, my clothes couldn't be expensive enough. I went from thinking fashion was only the provenance of big-city affluent people, to thinking you could be 14 or 80, live in the city or suburbs, have endless money or a limited budget, and buy something great-looking at the right price for you. The world has changed, and people look and feel better for it."

And he plays his part to make sure the lower-priced Michael Michael Kors collection is quality: "I always say, 'If you blurred your eyes, would the wealthiest person in the world want to wear it?' If the answer is no, we don't make it."

Kors, who dressed Mark Wahlberg's wife, Rhea Durham, for the Golden Globes over the weekend, doesn't see himself as a red carpet panderer: "If it's a client of ours, or someone I'm intrigued by, then collaboration is great. But we're never going to have rolling racks with ball gowns all over town. That's not who we are."

But he does have ambitions in the entertainment industry. He's represented by Creative Artists Agency, and although he doesn't want to direct a la Tom Ford, he says, "My real love is theater and stage. But unfortunately, my day job is busy, to say the least. Could we see Michael Kors the impresario in the future? Maybe. Producing something would be intriguing."

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