Goddeses are immortal apparently, or at very least dressing up women as a latter day Aphrodite, even if we are sure she had a little more beat on her bones than the BCBG models. Draped, flowing, and otherwise airy is their take for Spring and we suppose we shouldn't complain. The legions of women in the fly over states that count on BCBG to provide them with $350 "high fashion" for their nights out are well served by Max Azria.

In truth we actually really like the collection. There is nothing to dislike. And that is exactly the point when it comes to a big label with the kind of distribution most designer dream of all their lives.

All we can hope for is that women decide to go for the goddess of love with these dresses and not angry queen of the gods Hera. Since being taken seriously as an agry power woman in thse clothes might be impossible. Frankly you will just look too pretty. A spring of orange, teal, blue, hot pink, purple and plenty of nice beiges will keep any girl happy.