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Miuccia Prada: "'Commercial' Shouldn't Be an Insult"

Miuccia Prada: "'Commercial' Shouldn't Be an Insult"

>> Bold as she is in the designing arena, Miuccia Prada is less than forthcoming in other areas — she won't speak her sons' names on the record, despite the fact that she'll talk about their political leanings, and she won't publicly admit to admiring any designers — “I’ve said before but not now" — or well-dressed celebrities.  W grills Miuccia about all this and more — including a potentially incriminating photo of her husband and Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli which has set off gossip — in their September 2009 issue.

She's not letting the economic crisis affect her.

“The only difference that I noticed is that you have to be more and more yourself. What is really selling is what is really Prada. You can’t do some generic bullsh*t.”

Same goes for those pictures of her husband, who she calls "Bertelli," looking cozy in the subway with a blond woman. 

“Gossip — gossip is everywhere, so what do you do? Of course, I pay attention, but after, what do you do? Nothing.”

She likes Marc Jacobs »

Bertelli handles the hiring, even for Prada’s design assistants, because she has little patience for the process and likes to keep a distance from her staff.  Some former staffers, according to W, consider the house of Prada not the warmest of workplaces

“I decided not to care. If you become so aficionado, too affectionate, and they leave, you suffer. Of course, I have a few people in the company that are very near to me. But the others, you know that they come, they want to do a career and they leave, and so you have to learn not to suffer.” 

Prada says of her Fall 2009 Prada collection: "Usually my ideas come from what I don’t want to do, or what I find is old. I was really fed up of couture.”  As for her Fall 2009 Miu Miu collection, she thought "everyone would hate . . . because of the heavy fabrics."  And she's not afraid of being commercial by throwing “the perfect sweater, the perfect black dress, the perfect coat” into her runway collections:

“Sometimes you do too much fashion and forget the basics. When you say ‘commercial,’ it shouldn’t be an insult, like something is not beautiful. It has to be best in the sense that [it’s] really what people want to wear to look beautiful and elegant [in]. I wouldn’t have been thinking of all this stuff if there was not a crisis. The crisis obliges [us] to really focus also on what really makes sense.”

She admires one designer in a nonfashion way.

“I have a mutual respect for Marc Jacobs. We worked together in Venice. He’s nice.”

And also admired “six girls, really well dressed" who were at this year's Venice Biennele, W reports: "Yet while some of the women are celebrities, she won’t go public with names. Or outfits. Before describing one woman’s particularly interesting ensemble, Prada goes off the record: 'Don’t write it down.'"

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