I've already told you about my obsession with Origins Modern Friction, the dermabrasion face scrub that makes tired skin feel silky and look radiant. (If you don't believe me, get yourself a bottle for $36 here.) Now, the company has released its long-awaited Origins Modern Friction for the Body, which it describes as a "creamy, body-rejuvenating buffing paste." Like the face scrub, the body-specific version is made from rice starch, as well as corn-cob extract and shea butter, to banish flaky, ashy, or uneven skin on your hands, shoulders, or anywhere else you might want a little brightening.

It's best to apply Modern Friction right before you hop in the shower, so you can rinse it off easily and go. To use, just scoop some of the cream onto your skin while it's dry, splash a bit of water into the mix, and gently massage in circles. Continue to rub it in as you wash the solution off under warm water. You'll notice a difference right away, but you can use it once or twice a week as needed when you need a pick-me-up. You can buy a bottle for $38 here. Or, you can spend $75 on the Origins site and get a free sample of Modern Friction, along with free shipping.