Stop Suffering Through the Pain and Swap Your Work Heels For These 3 Styles

May 23 2016 - 5:00am

When it comes to heels, it's often a love-hate relationship. We enjoy the extra height, elongated legs, and confidence boost we get sliding into a chic pair. But the pain we feel [1] by the end of the workday? Ehh . . . not so much. But rather than pack up those pumps and give up for good, we opted to find a solution: three styles that offer more support and less strain, allowing us to go on living the high-heeled life — just a bit more comfortably.

Read on for the styles every working woman should own [2], then shop a few pairs to add to your collection.

A Midheight Heel

Rather than risking a tumble or achy feet, find the happy medium — as in heel height. You'll get a good boost without feeling uncomfortable a few hours in.

Michael Kors Flex Leather Mid-Heel Pump [3] ($99)

A Block Heel

Another way to make it through the day in high shoes is to find ones that offer more support, like a block heel. The bonus? Not only are they very on trend at the moment, but they're also way easy to balance in.

Valentino Tan-Go Patent-Leather Pumps [4] ($845)

A Platform Heel

Another option that'll add more cushion — this time in the front — is something with a platform. Even costume designers swear by this trick, as stars spend long days on set. As long as you don't go too sky-high, you'll find them much more bearable than your average stilettos.

LK Bennett Sledge Pump [5] ($345)

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