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The Most Fashionable Dogs on Instagram

Mar 23 2016 - 11:50am

As fashion editors, when we're looking for inspiration, we first check our Instagram feed — it's filled with the most stylish snappers [1] in the industry. And in honor of National Dog Day, we're adding a few more to the list. From the Internet's most fashionable French Bulldogs to celebrity pets who steal the spotlight from their also chic owners, we rounded up a list of posh pups you need to follow now.

Neville Jacobs

Owner: Marc Jacobs

Breed: Bull Terrier

Pet Projects: He's one of the dog darlings of the fashion industry, beloved by his famous designer owner. He supports his father's business ventures, and chronicles all of his adventures on his very own Instagram account.


Owner: Self-employed

Breed: French Bulldog

Pet Projects: One might think this dog is just famous for being a part of a puppy entourage, seeing that his best friend is Neville Jacobs, but he's got style all his own. He's got his paw on the pulse of up-and-coming musicians, rocks a pair of Maleficent horns better than Angelina Jolie [2], and stands on his own four feet in photos with Neville.

Pippa Teigen

Owner: Chrissy Teigen

Breed: French Bulldog

Pet Projects: The flat-faced pooch is one of three bulldogs owned by the model and often complains on her Twitter account, @PippaThePup, about being named after a royal and feeling overshadowed by John Legend [3].

Fitz Conrad

Owner: Lauren Conrad [4]

Breed: Unknown

Pet Projects: Between stylized photos of frosted ombré cakes and handmade floral arrangements, Fitz — along with big sister Chloe — makes appearances wearing tiny hats, posing in bed, and sunbathing with on-trend oversize sunglasses.


Owner: Joshua Onassis

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pet Projects: She has charmed the fashion industry with her trademark floppy tongue — a result of having all her rotten teeth removed after troubled beginnings in a puppy mill. Now she gets front-row treatment at Fashion Week, surfs with Mara Hoffman, advises Lucky Editor in Chief Eva Chen, and apparently has beef with Marc Jacobs's dog Neville.

Mr. Butler

Owner: Olivia Palermo

Breed: Maltese

Pet Projects: With a selection of sweaters that rivals most humans, the fluffy white pooch can often be spotted kicking it in Manhattan's Central Park or his neighborhood of Brooklyn. It's there he goes on leisurely walks with his owner that send the most jaded street style photographer into a snapping spree.

Frankie Kerr

Owner: Miranda Kerr [5]

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Pet Projects: The tiny dog often accompanies his model owner — who actually shares custody with makeup-artist pal Rose-Marie Swift — on photo shoots and fits perfectly in her designer handbags.


Owner: Self-employed

Breed: Pomeranian

Pet Projects: When this fluffy dog model isn't working (you can catch his latest appearance in Katy Perry [6]'s "Dark Horse" music video or see his role in a recent CoverGirl cosmetics spot), he has a clear signature style: vintage baseball tees and a blingy, oversize dog chain.

Shadow Hudgens

Owner: Vanessa Hudgens [7]

Breed: Poodle

Pet Projects: Not one to play into stereotypes, this dog's personal style isn't like most overly pedicured poodles. Often going without clothes entirely, Shadow prefers a more bohemian, hippy-chic vibe, just like Mom.

Dolly and Peggy Huntington-Whiteley

Owner: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Breed: Daschunds

Pet Projects: Posing with their owner, often in bed while she's in lingerie. They even make dog cones look chic.

Menswear Dog

Owner: Self-employed

Breed: Shiba Inu

Pet Projects: The dapper dog has better style than most humans, and his expertise has been put to use in American Apparel and Gilt collaborations, as the unofficial mascot of GQ magazine, and in his own street style photos, which show a love for layering and high-end headwear.


Owner: Sonya Yu

Breed: French Bulldog

Pet Projects: This black pup prefers consistency in his Instagram feed. With the help of his lifestyle-photographer owner, he gets snapped in the same pose (with requisite model face) against the same wood-floor, white-wall backdrop donning a wide range of accessories — from Ray-Ban sunglasses to pillbox hats and Farrah Fawcett wigs.

Penelope Goreski

Owner: Brad Goreski

Breed: Unknown

Pet Projects: She and her stylist owner have an intense bond and sleep together every night, which often leads to their signature shirtless-in-bed selfie.


Owner: Lady Gaga [8]

Breed: French Bulldog

Pet Projects: Often referred to as BatPig by her owner, Asia does what all celebrity dogs do: she flies private, chews designer heels, and is often found draped in expensive jewels.

Aloysius Van Winkle

Owner: Self-employed

Breed: Brussels Griffon

Pet Projects: His more famous brother, Digby, is the main attraction of their shared Instagram feed, but Alo is perhaps the official dog of the hipster movement, as he rocks a lot of plastic-rimmed glasses, hoodies, and skinny ties.

Bleecker Bernstein

Owner: Danielle Bernstein

Breed: French Bulldog

Pet Projects: Often spotted with her WeWoreWhat.com fashion blogger owner, the adorable Frenchie loves iced coffee, hates wire hangers, and prefers customized leashes to silly dog outfits.


Owner: Self-employed

Breed: Pomeranian

Pet Projects: Fashion obsessed, this fluffy pup considers Karl Lagerfeld to be his spirit animal (and hopeful adoptive father). Most of the dog's time is spent on photo shoots with up-and-coming models and photoshopping himself into classic Parisian photos.

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