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My Golden Globes Red Carpet Beauty A-List...And B-List

Here is my opinion on the 2007 Golden Globes Red Carpet beauty. Overall, I don't think that we had too many makeup monstrosities. However, there were those who looked like shining stars and those who missed the mark. Tell me if you agree with my A-List Lookers and B-List Losers.

A-List Lookers Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria win my votes for best red carpet beauty. They seemed to hit a grand slam in the makeup department. Here are my three favorite flawless faces:

Drew Barrymore has never looked better in my opinion. Her dress was beyond flattering and her soft, dewy makeup on her tanned skin made her glow. Considering her recent break up she certainly doesn't look the least bit shabby!

Although Angelina Jolie was acting strange, uninterested and aloof on the red carpet, she sure looked gorgeous, sophisticated and polished. Who knew she was the Grace Kelly chignon type? Her makeup was beautiful; I loved her sultry cat eyes and neutral lips.

Eva Longoria looked especially smashing. Get a load of her amazing skin! She really knows how to play up her best features. Her lashes were long and lush and I loved that smidgen of sparkle on the inside of her eyes. Perfecto Eva!

To see my B-Listers,

While I don't think any of these ladies look dreadful, I feel they missed the mark on reaching their potential. Here is my ranking of the top three B-Listers.

Sienna Miller just looked way too plain Jane for my taste. While she is youthful and gorgeous, she really crosses the line between natural looking and completely bare. A little powder please, Sienna!

Vanessa Williams just looked botched to me. Everything about this beauty is suspect here. The hair was a big YIKES and the makeup was a NO NO. You would have thought after all of her pageant work, she'd have it down by now!

Patricia Arquette had great looking hair, but her makeup just didn't bring out her best features. It hid her eyes and her face looked too pink. This look did nothing special for her cheekbones or lips whatsoever. Blah!

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